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Abberior® STAR 635P, azide

suitable for fluorescence




Quality Level


DMF: 0.25 mg/mL, clear


λex 634 nm; λem 654.0 nm±15 nm in PBS (pH 7.1)


suitable for fluorescence

storage temp.


General description

Abberior STAR635P is the first member of an entirely new class of dyes introduced exclusively by Abberior - first commercially available phosphorylated fluorescent dye. The dye excels in its photophysical parameters, e.g. very bright, very stable and it enables basically background free imaging.
Abberior STAR 635P can substitute Atto 647N, AlexaFluor 647, or Cy5. It can be excited with diode lasers (635 nm, 650 nm) or with the 647 nm line of a Krypton laser. For STED, a depletion wavelength around 750 nm is recommended. Please see reference1 for detailled characteristics.
Best results are obtained with freshly prepared samples.

Abberior STAR 635P particularly well suits the Leica TCS STED system and delivers high-resolution STED images with unmatched quality, e.g. extremely low/no background. The dye serves as an ideal partner for several 2-color STED packages.

Key Features
  • First phosphorylated dye
  • Unmatched, background free STED imaging contrast
  • Verified in the Leica STED system

Absorption Maximum, λmax: 633 nm (PBS, pH 7.4)
Extinction Coefficient, ε(λmax): 75′000 M-1cm-1 (water)
Correction Factor, CF260 = ε260/εmax: 0.42
Correction Factor, CF280 = ε280/εmax: 0.47
Fluorescence Maximum, λfl: 653 nm (PBS, pH 7.4)
Recommended STED Wavelength, λSTED: 740 - 770 nm
Fluorescence Quantum Yield, η: 0.92 (PBS, pH 7.4)
Fluorescence Lifetime, τ: 3.3 (PBS, pH 7.4)


Designed and tested for fluorescent super-resolution microscopy

Legal Information

Atto is a trademark of Atto-Tec GmbH
abberior is a registered trademark of Abberior GmbH

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