Nunc® 96 DeepWell plate, Well Cap Mat

chemically resistant, pre-slit; pierceable well cap mats, 50/cs

well cap mat, deepwell cap mat






lid: no
Pre-slit; solvent resistant, but avoid 100% DMSO


pack of 10
case of 50


Nunc 276011


96 wells



matrix active group

Non-treated surface treatment

General description

Nunc® 96 DeepWell Plate, Well Cap Mat

  • Protect well contents during short or long-term storage of chemicals or compounds
  • Chemically resistant, pierceable thermoplastic elastomer well caps are excellent for compound storage to -80°C
  • Silicone pre-slit well caps permit a pipette tip or probe to enter the well without damage to the cap
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate cap mats effectively seal polystyrene DeepWell plates
  • Pierceable by pipette tips
  • 96 well caps for sealing all Nunc PP plates with shared wall technology

Legal Information

DeepWell is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific or its subsidiaries
Nunc is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific or its subsidiaries

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

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