N-(Nα-Carbonyl-Cpd-X-Phe-al)-Phe (Cpd = capreomycidine) (capreomycidine = [S,S]-α-(2-Iminohexahydro-4-pyrimidyl)glycine)
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biological source





DMSO: 10 mM (Stock solutions stable for months at −20 °C.)

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Chymostatin has been used in a study that determined that molecular calculations are useful for evaluating the interactions between ligands, including inhibitors and homologous enzymes, in docking models. Chymostatin has also been used in a study to investigate the norovirus protease as an attractive target for antiviral drug development.


1, 5, 25, 50 mg in glass bottle
100 mg in poly bottle

Biochem/physiol Actions

Inhibits the lysosomal proteinase cathepsin B, and the soluble Ca2+-activated proteinase. Many young plant tissues express a chomostatin-sensitive serine protease.
Chymostatin is a strong inhibitor of many proteases, including chymotrypsin, papain, chymotrypsin-like serine proteinases, chymases, and lysosomal cysteine proteinases such as cathepsins A,B,C, B, H, and L. It weakly inhibits human leucocyte elastase. It is effective at a final concentration of 100 to 200 μg/ml (10 to 100 μM). Chymostatin is often included in protease inhibitor cocktails used with plant extracts.

Other Notes

A mixture of A (major), B and C components. A: X=Leu; B: X=Val; C: X=Ile
chymostatin A MW = 607.7
chymostatin B MW = 593.7
chymostatin C MW = 607.7

Preparation Note

Solubility testing in glacial acetic acid at 10 mg/ml yields a clear solution, which is usually colorless, but can be yellow in appearance. It is reportedly also soluble in DMSO; only slightly soluble in water and short-chain alcohols; insoluble in ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, ether, hexane, and petroleum ether. Stock solutions (10 mM) can be prepared in DMSO and are stable for months at -20 °C. Stock solutions can also be made in 0.1 M HCl. Dilute solutions (10-100 μM) are only stable for several hours, due to oxidation of the terminal aldehyde.

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
G Feinstein et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 429(3), 925-932 (1976-05-13)
The ability of elastatinal and chymostatin, protease inhibitors of microbial origin, to inhibit human leucocyte proteases (EC 3.4.-) was studied. Elastatinal and chymostatin are capable of inhibiting the pancreatic enzymes elastase and chymotrypsin, respectively. It was found in these studies...
Tina Birk et al.
BMC microbiology, 12, 174-174 (2012-08-15)
During the transmission route from poultry to the human host, the major foodborne pathogen C. jejuni may experience many types of stresses, including low pH caused by different acids. However, not all strains are equally sensitive to the stresses. The...
Maria Polsia Princi et al.
Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB, 109, 9-19 (2016-09-14)
Boron (B) is an essential plant nutrient, but when present in excess it is toxic. Morphological measurements were made to assess the impact of B toxicity on the growth of two different tomato hybrids, Losna and Ikram. Contrasting long and...
Miaojuan Qiu et al.
Lipids in health and disease, 17(1), 183-183 (2018-08-02)
Lipotoxicity plays an important role in the pathogenesis of kidney injury. Our previous study demonstrated that activation of local renin-angiotensin system (RAS) was involved in saturated free fatty acids palmitic acid (PA)-induced tubular cell injuries. The current study aims to...
Hideki Arakawa et al.
Experimental physiology, 98(1), 94-108 (2012-06-19)
The rostral ventrolateral medullary pressor area (RVLM) is known to be critical in the regulation of cardiovascular function. In this study, it was hypothesized that the RVLM may be one of the sites of cardiovascular actions of a newly discovered...
Papain is a cysteine protease of the peptidase C1 family. Papain consists of a single polypeptide chain with three disulfide bridges and a sulfhydryl group necessary for activity of the enzyme.
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Analytical Enzyme Chymotrypsin: Chymotrypsin is produced in the acinar cells of the pancreas as the inactive precursor, chymotrypsinogen.
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