FLAG® M Purification Kit

For Mammalian expression systems.

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The FLAG Purification Kit utilizes CelLytic Reagents for rapid and efficient cell lysis and protein extraction and ANTI-FLAG® M2 affinity gel for affinity purification of active FLAG fusion proteins.

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Features and Benefits

  • Includes ready to use reagents, columns, and a detailed protocol for affinity purification of FLAG fusion proteins.
  • ANTI-FLAG M2 Affinity Gel allows efficient binding of FLAG fusion proteins without the need for preliminary steps and calibrations.
  • Two alternatives for efficient elution conditions (by acidic conditions or by competition with FLAG peptide).


Sufficient for 3-5 uses of 1-ml affinity purification column.

Other Notes

Kit contains CelLytic™ M for cell lysis and protein extraction from Mammalian cells.

Legal Information

CelLytic is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
FLAG is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Kit Components Also Available Separately

Product No.

  • C2978CelLytic M, Cell Lysis Reagent, Suitable for Mammalian cell lysis and protein solubilization.

  • SAE0194Purified 3xFLAG® peptide, ≥95% (HPLC), lyophilized powder

  • A2220ANTI-FLAG® M2 Affinity Gel, purified immunoglobulin, buffered aqueous glycerol solution

  • C2103Chromatography columns, general-purpose, volume 10 mL, overall H 5 in.


NONH for all modes of transport

The coxsackievirus B 3C protease cleaves MAVS and TRIF to attenuate host type I interferon and apoptotic signaling.
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PLoS Pathogens, 7, e1001311-e1001311 (2020)
Src promotes GTPase activity of Ras via tyrosine 32 phosphorylation.
Bunda, et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 111, E3785-E3794 (2018)
Ryu Okumura et al.
Nature, 532(7597), 117-121 (2016-03-31)
Colonic epithelial cells are covered by thick inner and outer mucus layers. The inner mucus layer is free of commensal microbiota, which contributes to the maintenance of gut homeostasis. In the small intestine, molecules critical for prevention of bacterial invasion...
Regulation of MyD88-dependent signaling events by S nitrosylation retards toll-like receptor signal transduction and initiation of acute-phase immune responses.
Into, et al.
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 28, 1338-1347 (2018)
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