Corning® CellBIND® HYPERStack® cell culture vessels

surface area 6000 cm2 (cell growth area), 12 layer cell culture vessel

cell culture flasks, cell culture vessels, cell culture bioreactors


clear polycarbonate cap
polycarbonate cap
rectangular bottom flask




graduations: no
12 layer cell culture vessel
Flask shape: rectangular


pack of 1


Corning 10012


1300 mL

surface area

6000 cm2
6000 cm2 (cell growth area)

working volume

1300 mL


clear cap

matrix active group

surface treatment, CellBIND® Surface


suitable for (cell culture; optimal for cell attachment)

binding type

CellBIND® surface

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General description

  • Features 6,000 cm2 cell growth area
  • Closed system approach with integrally incorporated USP
  • Class VI certified C-FLEX tubing for liquid handling manipulations
  • Low particulate assembly method acceptable for cell therapy applications
  • Corning proprietary gas-permeable film technology
  • Corning CellBIND surface treatment for optimal cell attachment and performance
  • USP Class VI virgin polystyrene provides excellent optical clarity and mechanical strength
  • Gamma sterilized to SAL 10-6 standard
  • 100% leak tested prior to shipping
Introducing the next generation in Corning′s High Yield PERformance (HYPER) Platform - the HYPERStack Cell Culture Vessel. This new product line combines the best of two Corning products; the CellSTACK® Culture Chamber and HYPERFlask® vessel. The utilization of the proprietary gas-permeable film technology provided in the format of the CellSTACK Culture Chamber allows the HYPERStack vessel to be the most efficient, scalable cell culture vessel for adherent cell culture available today.

  • More cells: 2.5x more cells per volumetric footprint
  • Closed system: no open fluid manipulations
  • Scalable product: multiple size offerings
  • Ergonomic design: easier manipulation
  • Fixed media volume: 0.2 mL/cm2 fills vessel for optimal handling
  • Innovative assembly: no adhesives, low particulate
  • Lower disposal cost: less volumetric waste per growth area

Legal Information

CellBIND is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.
CellSTACK is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.
Corning is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.
HYPERFlask is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.
HYPERStack is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.
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