Caspase 13 Fluorescein (FLICA) Assay

sufficient for 100 tests

Caspase Fluorescein (FLICA) Assay


sufficient for 100 tests

storage temp.



Fluorometric detection of active cellular caspase 13 using cell-permeable, non-toxic FAM-LEED-FMK fluorochrome inhibitor of caspase 13 that covalently binds to the enzyme and can be visualized by fluorometry, fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry.
FLICA Caspase Assay detects active caspases inside the cell using novel Fluorochrome Inhibitor of Caspases (FLICA)-cell permeable and non-cytotoxic caspase inhibitors. Once inside the cell, the FLICA probe covalently binds to a reactive cysteine residue on the large subunit of the active caspase heterodimer, thereby inhibiting further enzymatic activity. Bound FLICA is retained within the cell, while any unbound reagent is washed away. The bound FLICA emits a green fluorescent signal, which is a direct measurement of the number of active caspase molecules that are present in the cell at the time the reagent was added.

Features and Benefits

The FLICA Assays offer:
  • Potent, cell-permeable and non-toxic fluorochrome inhibitor
  • Preferential detection of selected caspases based on inhibitor specificity
  • A direct measure of apoptosis expressed as the number of active caspase enzymes present in the cell


Once reconstituted, the unused 150X FLICA stock should be stored in aliquots at −20 °C protected from light.

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • FAM-LEED-FMK FLICA Reagent 4 vial(s)

  • Wash Buffer, Concentrate 10X 60 mL

  • Fixative 6 mL

  • Propidium iodide 1 mL

  • Hoechst Stain 33342 1 mL

Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
S Taylor et al.
DNA sequence : the journal of DNA sequencing and mapping, 10(6), 387-394 (2000-05-29)
Caspases are cysteine proteases which have important roles in the activation of cytokines and in apoptosis. The ICE subfamily of caspases comprise peptides closely related to caspase-1, or interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta) converting enzyme (ICE), which promotes maturation of interleukin IL-1beta and...

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