KlenTaq® LA DNA Polymerase Mix


5 units/μL

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wet ice

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General description

This polymerase mix contains Taq polymerase containing an N-terminal deletion combined with a small amount of a proofreading polymerase to improve sequence fidelity and length of amplified DNA.


KlenTaq® LA DNA Polymerase Mix has been used to perform polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It has also been used to amplify FRD3 alleles from genomic DNA.

Biochem/physiol Actions

KlenTaq® LA DNA Polymerase provides an excellent alternative to Taq DNA Polymerase for intermediate length products. It allows higher yields and greater fidelity (up to 4× that of Taq). It can amplify genomic DNA up to 5 kb or less complex DNA targets such as bacterial, viral targets or cDNA up to 20 kb. With its increased thermostability, it is the ideal choice for amplifying GC-rich regions or templates with difficult secondary structure.

Features and Benefits

  • KlenTaq LA DNA Polymerase has increased thermostability and processivity, resulting in increased yields
  • Amplify difficult structure or GC-rich templates. The increased thermostability allows higher temperature conditions to disrupt difficult secondary structures
  • Increased fidelity at up to 4× higher than that of Taq DNA polymerase
  • Tolerance to a broad range of magnesium concentrations eliminates the need to optimize MgCl2
  • Amplify up to 5 kb genomic targets and up to 20 kb on less complex targets, such as lambda DNA


KlenTaq LA DNA polymerase is provided with an optimized 10× reaction buffer.

Other Notes

KlenTaq LA DNA Polymerase Mix is an optimized mixture combining KlenTaq-1 with a proofreading enzyme. KlenTaq-1 is a Klenow-fragment analog of Taq DNA Polymerase. It has no endonuclease or exonuclease activity, but is more thermostable than Taq or other terminal deletions of Taq. Since a wide range of magnesium concentration is tolerated by this enzyme, generally no magnesium optimization is needed. The proofreading polymerase provides the 3′→5′ exonuclease activity that is necessary for longer and higher fidelity products.

Unit Definition

One unit will incorporate 10 nmol of total dNTPs into acid precipitable DNA in 30 min. at 74 °C.

Legal Information

Use of this product is covered by one or more of the following US patents and corresponding patent claims outside the US: 5,789,224, 5,618,711, 6,127,155 and claims outside the US corresponding to expired US Patent No. 5,079,352. The purchase of this product includes a limited, non-transferable immunity from suit under the foregoing patent claims for using only this amount of product for the purchaser′s own internal research. No right under any other patent claim, no right to perform any patented method, and no right to perform commercial services of any kind, including without limitation reporting the results of purchaser′s activities for a fee or other commercial consideration, is conveyed expressly, by implication, or by estoppel. This product is for research use only. Diagnostic uses under Roche patents require a separate license from Roche. Further information on purchasing licenses may be obtained by contacting the Director of Licensing, Applied Biosystems, 850 Lincoln Centre Drive, Foster City, California 94404, USA.
KlenTaq is a registered trademark of Wayne Barnes


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

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