Carboxylesterase 2 human

recombinant, expressed in baculovirus infected BTI insect cells

CES2, Carboxylesterase 2 human, CES2A1
Enzyme Commission number:

Quality Level


expressed in baculovirus infected BTI insect cells



specific activity

≥500 units/mg protein

mol wt

60 kDa


(0.5 ml)

shipped in

dry ice

storage temp.


General description

Carboxylesterase 2 human gene is mapped to human chromosome 16q22.1.
Carboxylesterase belongs to the α/β hydrolase fold family and is involved in drug metabolism and activation. It is present in colon, liver, small intestine, heart, brain and testis. The hydrolase activity of small intestine is attributed to carboxylesterase 2 human. It has two glycosylation sites at 103 and 267 residues with molecular mass 60kDa.


Delivers high catalytic activity, ideal for robust high-throughput screening assays including drug-drug interaction studies, and pharmacokinetic studies for evaluating pro-drugs and non-CYP pathways of elimination.
Carboxylesterase 2 human has been used:
  • in the in vitro enzyme-based inhibitor screening assay
  • in substrate selectivity assay with emission ratiometric two-photon probe (SE1)
  • as a reference standard in the enzyme assay with various 4-nitrophenyl and 1-naphthyl based substrates

Carboxylesterase 2 may play a key role in biotransformation of a variety of ester containing drugs and prodrugs.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Carboxylesterase 2 human identifies the site containing a large alcohol and small acyl group. It shows less transesterification activity due to presence of conformational interference in active site.
Member of a serine esterase family that hydrolyze ester and amide bonds. Carboxylesterase 2 is an endoplasmic reticulum-bound hydrolase that plays a critical role in xenobiotic detoxification and activation for ester-containing therapeutics. Carboxylesterase 2 is also involved in the detoxification of drugs such as heroin and cocaine. This enzyme is thought to play a role in lipid metabolism.

Unit Definition

One unit will produce 1 nanomole of 4-nitrophenol from 4-nitrophenyl acetate per minute at pH 7.4 at 37 deg C.


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

T Satoh et al.
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology, 38, 257-288 (1998-05-23)
Multiple carboxylesterases (EC play an important role in the hydrolytic biotransformation of a vast number of structurally diverse drugs. These enzymes are major determinants of the pharmacokinetic behavior of most therapeutic agents containing ester or amide bonds. Carboxylesterase activity...
Sang Jun Park et al.
Chemical science, 7(6), 3703-3709 (2016-06-01)
Carboxylesterases (CEs) are widely distributed enzymes in the human body that catalyze hydrolysis of various endogenous and exogenous substrates. They are directly linked to hepatic drug metabolisms and steatosis, and their regulations are important issues in pharmacological and clinical applications....
Human liver carboxylesterase. Purification and molecular properties.
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Chemotherapy-induced diarrhea (CID), with clinical high incidence, adversely affects the efficacy of cancer treatment and patients' quality of life. Our study demonstrates that the citrus flavonoid hesperetin (Hst) has a superior potential as a new agent to prevent and alleviate...
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This article reports on a symposium sponsored by the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and held at the April 2001 Experimental Biology meeting. Current developments in molecular-based studies into the structure and function of cholinesterases, carboxylesterases, and paraoxonases...

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