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Vertical electrophoresis unit, fixed height, dual gel

Dual mini



electrophoresis grade

Quality Level

plate W × H

10 cm × 8 cm

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General description

  • Made from high quality acrylic with platinum electrodes
  • Long lasting silicone sponge gasket on upper reservoir for leak-free operation without grease
  • Safety covers with attached safety-tip power leads
  • Designed for use with unique gel-casting gasket; heavy-duty casting clamps compress gasket between glass plates, sealing without grease
For Slab Gel Electrophoresis:
  • Designed to use as little as 200 mL of buffer, and as little as 5 μg of sample per well
  • Use with gel casting accessories which offer the ability to cast one or two gels in a single assembly
  • Use in standard slab gel electrophoresis or in the second dimension of 2D electrophoresis
For Tube Gel Electrophoresis
  • Only the two fixed-height dual-gel units accept tube gel accessories
  • Tubes in four different inside diameters all have the same outside diameter so they are interchangeable in the tube gel adapter
  • Two-sided operation allows up to 20 tubes to be run at a time

Each unit comes with base unit, upper and lower reservoirs with safety covers and attached power leads, and two gel-mounting spring clamps.
Slab and tube gel accessories are not included; order from the accessories list


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