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recombinant, expressed in Pichia pastoris, Proteomics Grade, liquid

Ready to Use Recombinant Trypsin for Protein Digestion in Mass Spectrometry, Recombinant Trypsin for Protein Digestion in Mass Spectrometry, Protein Digestion for Mass Spectrometry, Trypsin for Protein Digestion, rTrypsin

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expressed in Pichia pastoris


Activity:≥ 10,000 unit/mg protein




suitable for mass spectrometry

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wet ice

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General description

Trypsin is a pancreatic serine endoprotease. SOLu-Trypsin is made from recombinant trypsin, porcine sequence. It does not possess chymotryptic activity.


  • has been used to digest the gel pieces for mass spectrometry identification of active deubiquitnases (DUBs)
  • has been used in trypsin sensitivity assay
  • may be used for the digestion of wine proteins

Biochem/physiol Actions

Trypsin is used in proteomics research for peptide mapping and protein sequence work due to its highly specific cleavage resulting in a limited number of tryptic peptides. It hydrolyzes peptide bonds specifically at the carboxyl side of arginine and lysine residues.
  • SOLu-Trypsin (EMS0004) is our exclusive, Advanced Proteomics Grade enzyme that is solution-stable for mass spectrometry.
  • Designed to be stable in solution when refrigerated, SOLu-Trypsin can be used immediately without preparation.
  • Other forms of trypsin require thawing or reconstitution, and must be discarded if not used immediately.
  • SOLu-Trypsin allows excess product to be saved for future use, thus eliminating unnecessary waste and cost.
  • It is formulated with a high-purity recombinant trypsin, free of chymotryptic activity, to ensure high fidelity digestion.

Features and Benefits

  • Ready to use - no preparation, such as reconstitution or thawing, is required
  • Fits seamlessly into established workflow - no need to modify protocols
  • Eliminates waste - remains stable in the refrigerator after use so there is no need to discard excess product
  • Recombinant, porcine sequence - no chymotryptic activity
  • Stable for short-term use at room temperature in an autosampler or on a liquid handling robot

Storage Class Code

12 - Non Combustible Liquids



Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

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