Eppendorf® Centrifuge 5425 G

Keypad,FA-24x2, AC/DC input 230 V, AC/DC input, universal plug set

AC/DC input

230 V AC, Schuko plug


CE compliant
to hold 24 1.5/2.0 mL tubes


Eppendorf® 5405000115


15060 rpm
21300 × g


centrifugation: suitable

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General description

  • This 24-place centrifuge has been engineered to be extremely quiet. Short runs up to 12 minutes are whisper quiet at an average of 45 dB(A).
  • This is enough for centrifugation steps of most routinely used DNA/RNA purification kits.
  • During longer runs the cooling fan works at full capacity to dissipate the heat for the remainder of the run.

Features and Benefits

  • Whisper quiet microcentrifuge for stress-free work.
  • Aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock®lids for simple and safe handling.
  • Outstanding software features (e.g. 10 acceleration and braking ramps, 3 program buttons, short function without continous pressing of the key).
  • Extended rotor program (e.g. 5.0 mL rotor, swing-bucket rotor for PCR strips).
  • OptiBowl® design for quiet operation, even without a rotor lid.
  • Soft-touch one-finger lid closure for ergonomic operation.
  • Automatic lid opening at the end of the run − prevents sample warming and allows easy access to samples.
  • Max. rotor capacity: 10 × 5.0 mL vessels, Max. speed: 21,300 × g (15,060 rpm).

Legal Information

Eppendorf is a registered trademark of Eppendorf AG
Eppendorf QuickLock is a registered trademark of Eppendorf AG
OptiBowl is a registered trademark of Eppendorf AG

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Certificate of Origin

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