Gey′s Balanced Salt Solution

liquid, sterile-filtered, suitable for cell culture




Quality Level




cell culture | mammalian: suitable


endotoxin, tested


NaHCO3: 2.27 g/L
phenol red: no
glucose: 1.0 g/L

shipped in


storage temp.


General description

Gey′s Balanced Salt Solution is a phosphate bicarbonate buffered cell suspension and washing solution. A complete balanced salt solution with a unique combination of ""salt forms"". Contains the same five basic ions as EBSS, HBSS and DPBS.


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Pei-Hsuan Wu et al.
Nature genetics, 52(7), 728-739 (2020-07-01)
Pachytene PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs), which comprise >80% of small RNAs in the adult mouse testis, have been proposed to bind and regulate target RNAs like microRNAs, cleave targets like short interfering RNAs or lack biological function altogether. Although piRNA pathway...
Dan Xu et al.
The Journal of experimental medicine, 215(4), 1169-1186 (2018-03-01)
The pathophysiology of drug-resistant pediatric epilepsy is unknown. Flow cytometric analysis of inflammatory leukocytes in resected brain tissues from 29 pediatric patients with genetic (focal cortical dysplasia) or acquired (encephalomalacia) epilepsy demonstrated significant brain infiltration of blood-borne inflammatory myeloid cells...
Xia Wu et al.
Frontiers in immunology, 11, 2108-2108 (2020-10-27)
Human liver myeloid cells are imperfectly defined, but it is broadly agreed that cells of stellate appearance in situ, expressing the markers CD11b and CD68, are the liver's resident macrophages, classically termed Kupffer cells. Recent investigations using single cell RNA...
Ross J Hill et al.
Nature genetics, 51(8), 1283-1294 (2019-08-02)
Germline de novo mutations are the basis of evolutionary diversity but also of genetic disease. However, the molecular origin, mechanisms and timing of germline mutagenesis are not fully understood. Here, we define a fundamental role for DNA interstrand cross-link repair...
Soichiro Yamanaka et al.
Developmental cell, 51(1), 21-34 (2019-09-03)
Facultative heterochromatin forms and reorganizes in response to external stimuli. However, how the initial establishment of such a chromatin state is regulated in cell-cycle-arrested cells remains unexplored. Mouse gonocytes are arrested male germ cells, at which stage the genome-wide DNA...

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