Grace Bio-Labs ProPlate® tray sets

size 16 wells, with Delrin® snap clips, well L × W 7 mm × 7 mm

incubation chambers, slide chambers, microarray hybridization chambers




wells 16


set of 1


Grace Bio-Labs 204860


16 wells

well L × W

7 mm × 7 mm

well volume

350 μL



matrix active group

Non-treated surface treatment

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General description

Grace Bio-Labs ProPlate® multi-array chamber tray sets are designed to be used with ONCYTE® nitrocellulose-coated slides. These multi-array chambers integrate microscope slide based microarray technology with high-throughput (HTS applications) microtiter plate processing. Up to 64 individual arrays can be assayed per slide.

Three or four slides fit into a tray (depending on clip choice). The resulting multi-array chamber tray set produces a modular plate with a standard microtiter plate footprint and well spacing allowing high-throughput robotic processing of up to 256 arrays.


  • Up to 16 or 64 leak-proof wells on any slide surface without the use of adhesive
  • Microtiter plate well spacing facilitates use with multichannel pipettes
  • 7 x 7 mm square wells are ideal for high content arrays 5-350 uL well volumes accommodate small reagent and large wash volumes

16 or 64 well ProPlate® tray sets include the following:

  • 7 x 7 mm well dimensions (x 4)
  • 16 or 64 well capacity
  • Stainless steel Delrin® snap clips (x 8)
  • Tray & cover included (x 1)
  • 10 seal strips (x 10) and 1 seal strip applicator (x 1)

Legal Information

Delrin is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Oncyte is a registered trademark of Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.
ProPlate is a registered trademark of Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.

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