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TempliPhi 100 Amplification Kit

Cytiva 25-6400-10


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Please be aware this product may be shipped 90 days before the expiration date. For more information on the batch specific expiration date, please contact technical service.


Cytiva 25-6400-10

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(The product can be s-red for 2 months or less at -20°C. For s-rage longer than 2 months, s-re at -70°C Thaw components on ice and maintain at 0–4°C during handling. DO NOT warm above 4°C prior - amplification)

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General description

illustra TempliPhi DNA Amplification Kits use isothermal rolling circle amplification (RCA) to efficiently prepare DNA sequencing templates.

TempliPhi Kits use a unique process to efficiently prepare micrograms of circular DNA from picogram input material. The DNA templates are prepared by rolling circle amplification (RCA) using bacteriophage Phi29 DNA polymerase. TempliPhi uses an isothermal method for the exponential amplification of circular DNA. Phi29 DNA polymerase is active at 30° C, enabling amplification to be performed at this temperature without the need for thermal cycling. The TempliPhi protocol requires less than 20 min of hands-on time to amplify 96 samples from bacterial colonies.

Two different types of TempliPhi DNA Amplification Kits are available to meet different throughput requirements. illustra TempliPhi DNA Amplification Kit for 2000 reactions contains premixed components and generates templates after overnight incubation. The 100- and 500-reaction kits contain separate, unmixed components for enhanced stability.

The illustra TempliPhi DNA Sequencing Template Amplification Kit has a distinct protocol and workflow compared to the 100/500 reaction size. Procedures for each kit are not interchangeable. Prior optimization is needed.


Preparation of circular DNA templates for cycle sequencing, cloning, and transformation.

Features and Benefits

  • Prepare circular DNA templates for cycle sequencing, cloning, and transformation in 4 to 6 h.
  • Generate microgram quantities of template DNA from picogram amounts of starting material.
  • Use amplified DNA directly for cycle sequencing without purification.
  • Amplify DNA from bacterial or M13 liquid cultures, colonies, plaques, glycerol stocks, or purified circular (plasmid or M13) DNA.
  • Simple protocol reduces time, labor, and consumables needed for template preparation, and workflow enables easy automation.
  • For low-to medium-throughput, small DNA vector preparation.

Analysis Note

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Legal Information

On packaging and insert for kits:
For use only as licensed by Qiagen GmbH. and Cytiva. The Phi 29 DNA polymerase may not be re-sold or used except in conjunction with the other components of this kit. See US patent numbers 5,854,033, 6,124,120, 6,143,495, 6,323,009, 5,198,543, 5,576,204, and their equivalents in other countries.
On container:
Subject to proprietary rights of Cytiva. May not be re-sold or used except with the other components of this kit. See US patent numbers 5,576,204, and their equivalents in other countries.
TempliPhi is a trademark of Cytiva
illustra is a trademark of Cytiva

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12 - Non Combustible Liquids

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