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Cy®5 Mono 5-pack

Cytiva PA25001

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Cytiva PA25001

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General description

Cy5 Mono-Reactive Dye Pack
Cy5 mono-Reactive Dye Pack

• Convenient way to label antibodies, proteins, drugs, and oligonucleotides with CyDye Fluorescent Dyes.
• For use in ELISA, immunoprecipitation, and blotting applications.
• Dyes are packaged in premixed amounts and foil-sealed to ensure consistent labelings.

Contains derivatized CyDye that carries only one reactive group on each dye molecule for accurate labeling of amine groups, for example on antibodies or oligonucleotides.

Each kit contains five vials of dye. Each vial is sufficient for labeling 1 mg of protein or 30 nmol of amino groups.


For the labelling of biological compounds with Cy5 monofunctional dye.

Analysis Note

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Legal Information

Cy3B: This product is manufactured under an exclusive license from Carnegie Mellon University and is covered by US patent number 6,133,445 and equivalent patents and patent applications in other countries.
CyQ (or Cy5Q or Cy7Q): These products are covered under US patent number 6,828,116 and equivalent patents and patent applications in other countries in the name of Cytiva.
CytoCy5S: The use of this product in an NTR gene reporter assay is the subject of US patent number 7,579,140 in the name of Cytiva.
CypHer5E: This product or portions thereof is manufactured under license from Carnegie Mellon University and is covered by US patent number 7,615,646.
Cy and CyDye, are - trademarks of Cytiva or one of its subsidiaries.
The purchase of CyDye products includes a limited license to use the CyDye products for internal research and development but not for any commercial purposes. A license to use the Cy and CyDye trademarks for commercial purposes is subject to a separate license agreement with Cytiva. Commercial use shall include:
1. Sale, lease, license or other transfer of the material or any material derived or produced from it.
2. Sale, lease, license or other grant of rights to use this material or any material derived or produced from it.
3. Use of this material to perform services for a fee for third parties, including contract research and drug screening.
If you require a commercial license to use the Cy and CyDye trademarks please contact

If you require a commercial license to use this material and do not have one, return this material unopened to Cytiva Bio-Sciences AB, Bjorkgatan 30, SE-751 84 Uppsala, Sweden and any money paid for the material will be refunded.
Cy is a registered trademark of Cytiva
CyDye is a trademark of Cytiva


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13 - Non Combustible Solids

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