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KiCqStart® SYBR® Green Primers Gene Arrays

Primer arrays for expression analysis of gene families

Primer Library, PCR Array, qPCR Array

Ordering KiCqStart SYBR® Green Primers Gene Arrays for your gene family of interest is easy using Sigma's state-of-the-art plate configuration tool. Open the tool; select your gene family; select your species and plate type; customize, if desired; review; and, add to cart.

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General description


The primer pair specifications for KiCqStart Primers Gene Arrays are identical to those of the original KiCqStart Primers except as indicated below.

Design characteristics
  • Primer Pair: Of the up to three alternative primer pairs available for each gene, the Gene Arrays consist only of the number 1 primer pair for each gene, e.g. for human GAPDH, the PrimerPairID is H_GAPDH_1
  • Rank: Varies from 1 to 4 depending on the gene

Oligo characteristics
  • Format: 96 or 384-well plates1, 6 nmol per well (mixed forward and reverse primers, 3 nmol each), dry

Sequences are provided at the time of shipment.

1For both 96 and 384-well plates, the primer pairs must be transferred to PCR plates for use.


Product use: expression analysis of gene families

Features and Benefits

KiCqStart Primers Gene Arrays are the original KiCqStart Primers for expression analysis (via SYBR Green I RT-qPCR) of common gene families. Numerous arrays are available, including for popular research areas, such as apoptosis and cell adhesion.

Benefits include those of the original KiCqStart Primers and the following additional conveniences:
  • Gene target selection is done
  • Faster experimental setup
  • Mid-throughput analysis

KiCqStart Primers Gene Arrays may be customized by adding and deleting plates; and, by adding and deleting primer pairs from any species. Add primer pairs for the reference genes of your choice.

To learn more about KiCqStart Primers Gene Arrays, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Other Notes

Frequently Asked Questions section is available for this product.

Physical properties

Properties include:
  • Available species: human, mouse, and rat
  • Components: mixed primers in each plate well
  • Shipping condition: dry, ambient temperature
  • Storage condition: dry or wet, single-use PCR plates

Legal Information

KiCqStart is a registered trademark of Qiagen Beverly Inc.
SYBR is a registered trademark of Life Technologies

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

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