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Predesigned primers for gene expression analysis

Pre-designed RT-qPCR Primers, SYBR Green RT-qPCR Primers

Ordering predesigned KiCqStart SYBR® Green primers for your gene targets is easy using Sigma's state-of-the-art oligonucleotide configuration tool. Open the tool, enter your gene, select your species, choose your primer sets, and add to cart.

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General description

Compatible with any thermal cycler, KiCqStart Primers are ready-to-order, pre-designed primer pairs for quantifying gene expression by SYBR Green I RT-qPCR (Reverse Transcription Quantitative Real-Time PCR). To comply with
MIQE, they have been developed using sophisticated bioinformatics tools and validated in silico to avoid off-target amplification1. KiCqStart Primers are available as up to three ranked sets of forward and reverse primer pairs for all genes from common model organisms.

1SNP loci have been avoided during the design process when possible. Please consult dbSNP to determine if your gene has unavoidable SNPs.

To learn more about KiCqStart Primers visit our
Frequently Asked Questions section.

Design characteristics
  • GC Content: 20 - 80%2
  • Melting Temperature: 55.0 ± 5 ºC
  • Secondary Structure: None
  • Excessive 3′ Clamping: Minimal
  • Homology: None

Oligo characteristics
  • Molecule: DNA (all sequences verified by mass spec QC); no modifications
  • Contents: 1 forward and 1 reverse primer
  • Length: 18 - 24 bases2
  • Purification: RP cartridge
  • Format: 3 OD minimum yield, dry; 1 oligonucleotide per tube

Sequences are provided at the time of shipment.

295% of primer pairs fall within these specifications

Each gene has up to three alternative primer pairs, which are identified as follows:
  • 1: The middle of one primer overlaps an exon splice site
  • 2: The 5′ or 3′ end of one primer overlaps an exon splice site
  • 3: The amplicon, but neither primer, overlaps an exon splice site
  • 4: Primer overlap is not possible for various reasons, e.g. the gene has only one exon (primer pairs with this rank may lead to co-amplification of genomic DNA).


Product use: gene expression analysis

Features and Benefits

KiCqStart Primers are sensitive, specific, and will save you time and money by eliminating the tedious steps required to develop an effective SYBR Green I RT-qPCR Assay.
Benefits include:
  • Target analysis is done
  • Design characteristics are set
  • Oligo characteristics are set
  • Easy to order

Physical properties

Properties include:
  • Available species: human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, cow, horse, Arabidopsis, chicken, dog, rabbit, pig, cat, rice, soybean, rhesus, Drosophila, C. elegans, corn, X. laevis, Guinea Pig, and Chinese Hamster.
  • Components: two primers, one oligo per tube
  • Shipping condition: dry, ambient temperature
  • Storage condition: dry or wet single-use aliquots

Other Notes

Frequently Asked Questions section is available for this product.

Legal Information

KiCqStart is a registered trademark of Qiagen Beverly Inc.
SYBR is a registered trademark of Life Technologies
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