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Minimum Essential Medium Eagle

With Hanks′ salts, L-glutamine and sodium bicarbonate, liquid, sterile-filtered, suitable for cell culture


Quality Level






cell culture | mammalian: suitable


endotoxin, tested


Hanks’ salts (2% CO2): yes
sodium pyruvate: no
phenol red: yes
glucose: no
NaHCO3: yes
Earle’s salts (5% CO2): no
L-glutamine: yes
stable glutamine: no

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storage temp.


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General description

Modification of the original MEM formulation. Earle′s salts have been replaced with Hanks′ salts. Since the bicarbonate concentration is substantially lower, this medium has a substantially reduced buffering capacity.

Storage Class Code

12 - Non Combustible Liquids



Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Jérôme Piquereau et al.
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology, 102, 34-44 (2016-11-24)
PGC-1α, a key regulator of energy metabolism, seems to be a relevant therapeutic target to rectify the energy deficit observed in heart failure (HF). Since our previous work has shown positive effects of cobalamin (Cb) on PGC-1α cascade, we investigate...
Radwan K Nashwa et al.
Cell and tissue banking, 21(2), 313-320 (2020-03-13)
Pityriasis versicolor (PV) is a chronic skin disease caused by virulence activities of Malassezia, a genus of skin-associated yeasts. Traditionally, Tioconazole is used as a topical antifungal for curing PV. Previous investigations cited that human amniotic membrane (HAM), a placental...
Aurelia Bourcier et al.
Experimental physiology, 104(8), 1237-1249 (2019-05-23)
What is the central question of this study? Can imipramine, an antidepressant agent that is a cationic amphiphilic drug that interferes with the phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PI(4,5)P2 ) interactions with proteins maintaining the tubular system, be validated as a new detubulating...
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Journal of the American Heart Association, 3(3), e000858-e000858 (2014-06-07)
RV and LV have different embryologic, structural, metabolic, and electrophysiologic characteristics, but whether interventricular differences exist in β-adrenergic (β-AR) responsiveness is unknown. In this study, we examine whether β-AR response and signaling differ in right (RV) versus left (LV) ventricles....
Bernardo Dolce et al.
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Atrial fibrillation (AF)-associated remodeling includes contractile dysfunction whose reasons are only partially resolved. Serotonin (5-HT) increases contractile force and causes arrhythmias in atrial trabeculae from patients in sinus rhythm (SR). In persistent atrial fibrillation (peAF), the force responses to 5-HT...


MEM (Minimum Essential Medium Eagle)

A large selection of MEM formulations. Minimum Essential Medium (MEM), developed by Harry Eagle, is one of the most widely used of all synthetic cell culture media.

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