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Gel Filtration Markers Kit for Protein Molecular Weights 29,000-700,000 Da

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Gel Filtration Markers Kit, Gel Filtration Protein Ladder, Protein Molecular Weight Marker Kit



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General description

Gel filtration chromatography is a well-known technique for measuring the size and molecular weight of proteins. It separates proteins based on their ability to diffuse into the pores of the resin. Larger proteins have more difficulty entering the resin pores, so they flow through the column more quickly than smaller proteins. As a result, the proteins are eluted from the column in order of decreasing molecular weight.


Gel Filtration Markers Kit for Protein Molecular Weights 29,000-700,000 Da has been used:
  • for protein purification and analyses (gel-filtration experiments)
  • for size-exclusion chromatography/gel filtration chromatography of synaptoneurosome extract
  • for glycerol gradient centrifugation
  • to study glucocorticoid-induced lymphocytolysis as a model system for apoptosis within the immune system
  • to isolate Polygonatum odoratum lectin, which showed remarkable anti-HSV-II activity towards Vero cells, cytotoxicity towards human melanoma A375 cells and induced apoptosis in a caspase-dependent manner

Biochem/physiol Actions

The method described in the bulletin for determining molecular masses using gel filtration chromatography is a modified version of existing published techniques. The protein standards included in this kit may be compatible with other chromatographic systems like high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). However, certain buffer systems may affect the elution volumes of albumin and carbonic anhydrase. The proteins in this kit have a molecular mass range spanning from 29 kDa to 699 kDa.

Other Notes

  • For research use only. Not for drug, household, or other uses.
  • Please consult the Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.
  • Please refer to the product information sheet to learn more about reagents, storage and stability, and procedure.

Kit Components Also Available Separately

Product No.

  • A8531Albumin, bovine serum, 66,000 MW 1 mL/vialSDS

  • A8656Alcohol Dehydrogenase, yeast, 150,000 MW 1 mL/vialSDS

  • A8781 β-Amylase, sweet potato, 200,000 MW 1 mL/vialSDS

  • A3660 Apoferritin, horse spleen, 443,000 MW 1 mL/vialSDS

  • D4772Blue dextran, 2,000,000 MW 1 mL/vialSDS

  • C7025Carbonic Anhydrase, bovine erythrocytes, 29,000 MW 1 mL/vialSDS

  • T9145Thyroglobulin, bovine, 669,000 MW 1 mL/vialSDS


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10 - Combustible liquids




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