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Native Protein Deglycosylation Kit




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General description

All complex oligosaccharides can be reduced to the trimannosylchitobiose core by treatment of the glycoproteins with neuraminidase, β-galactosidase, and N-acetylglucosaminidase. Fucosidases may be required in some situations. The remaining trimannosylchitobiose core structures can be removed with endoglycosidase F3. Biantennary and triantennary structures can be immediately removed by endoglycosidases F2 and F3, respectively. Oligomannose and hybrid structures can be removed by Endoglycosidase F1.
For more information on each type of endoglycosidase, please refer to the Bulletin.
The Native Protein Deglycosylation is designed for the deglycoslylation of N-linked oligosaccharides from PNGase F-resistant native proteins. Endoglycosidases F1, F2, and F3 are less sensitive to protein conformation than PNGase F and are more suitable for removal of all classes of N-linked oligosaccharides without protein denaturation.


Native Protein Deglycosylation Kit has been for N-deglycosylation of various enzymes such as laccase, tomato nuclease TBN1 and endo-β-1,3-glucanase.

Storage and Stability

The NDEGLY Kit ships on wet ice and storage at 2–8 °C is recommended. This kit may be used for at least 1 year when stored as indicated. Several days exposure to ambient temperatures will not reduce the activity of the enzymes in this kit.

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • Endoglycosidase F1 .3 U

  • Endoglycosidase F2 .1 U

  • Endoglycosidase F3 .1 U

  • Endoglycosidase F1 reaction buffer 200 μL

  • Endoglycosidase F2 & 3 reaction buffer 200 μL

Storage Class Code

10 - Combustible liquids



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