Potassium phosphate monobasic

for molecular biology, ≥98.0%

prim.-Potassium phosphate, Monopotassium phosphate, Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
Linear Formula:
CAS Number:
Molecular Weight:
EC Number:
MDL number:
PubChem Substance ID:

Quality Level


for molecular biology





pKa (25 °C)

(1) 2.15, (2) 6.82, (3) 12.38 (phosphoric acid)


252.6 °C (lit.)


H2O: 100 mg/mL


2.338 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)

anion traces

chloride (Cl-): ≤10 ppm

cation traces

Fe: ≤20 ppm
heavy metals (as Pb): ≤10 ppm

Featured Industry

Diagnostic Assay Manufacturing

foreign activity

DNase, Exonuclease; NICKase, Endonuclease; RNase and protease, none detected

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Potassium phosphate monobasic has been used:
  • in high-throughput fluorescence assay of cytochrome P450 3A4
  • in morphological analysis of neuromuscular junction development and degeneration in rodent lumbrical muscles
  • in the measurement of net high-affinity urea uptake in maize plants


1 kg in poly bottle
100, 500 g in poly bottle


11 - Combustible Solids

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

High-throughput fluorescence assay of cytochrome P450 3A4
Cheng Q, et al.
Nature Protocols, 4(9), 1258-1258 (2009)
Measurement of net high-affinity urea uptake in maize plants
Zanin L, et al.
BMC plant biology (2014)
Morphological analysis of neuromuscular junction development and degeneration in rodent lumbrical muscles
Sleigh J N, et al.
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 227, 159-165 (2014)
Przemyslaw Nogly et al.
IUCrJ, 2(Pt 2), 168-176 (2015-04-14)
Lipidic cubic phases (LCPs) have emerged as successful matrixes for the crystallization of membrane proteins. Moreover, the viscous LCP also provides a highly effective delivery medium for serial femtosecond crystallography (SFX) at X-ray free-electron lasers (XFELs). Here, the adaptation of...
Leo Syrjänen et al.
Frontiers in zoology, 12, 19-19 (2015-08-25)
Carbonic anhydrases (CAs, EC are ubiquitous enzymes that catalyze the reversible hydration reaction of carbon dioxide. CAs are present as six structurally divergent enzyme families: α, β, γ, δ, ζ and η. β-CAs have a wide distribution across different...
<i>In Situ</i> Hybridization of Whole-Mount Mouse Embryos with RNA Probes: Hybridization, Washes, and Histochemistry. This is a protocol describing how to perform in situ hybridization on whole mouse embryos. Here we describe the hybridization procedure, and the localization of the DIG-labeled RNA using a conjugate of anti-DIG Fab antibody and calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase. Enzyme activity of the reporter is detected by a color reaction, resulting in the formation of a water-insoluble purple/blue precipitate. Manipulating the Mouse Embryo - Third Edition
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