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Rose Bengal sodium salt

certified by the Biological Stain Commission

Acid Red 94, 4,5,6,7-Tetrachloro-2′,4′,5′,7′-tetraiodofluorescein sodium salt, Bengal Rose B sodium salt
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certified by the Biological Stain Commission


Dye content, ≥80%

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25 g in glass bottle


Certified for use in Conn′s technique for bacteria in soil; as an alternative to phloxine B in Kreyberg′s stain for keratin and mucus.

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S S Pashin et al.
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine, 168(4), 525-528 (2020-03-18)
Typical ischemic damage to neurons were detected in the focus of experimental photothrombosis and in the transition zone. They were associated with symptoms of impaired motor functions and dysfunction of pelvic organs. The applied method of focal photothrombosis can be
Iu D Shenin et al.
Antibiotiki i khimioterapiia = Antibiotics and chemoterapy [sic], 41(2), 16-21 (1996-02-01)
The study was aimed at the development of a laboratory procedure for isomerization of polyene macrolides in the presence of sensitizers. The reaction was performed with exposure of levorin solutions to the xenon lamp irradiation in the presence of rose
D W Marshall et al.
Appetite, 39(3), 193-206 (2002-12-24)
Most people get married or spend time living with a partner at some stage in their lives. But what effect does this change have, if any, on their eating habits? The transition from bachelor or spinster to young couple represents
Bahram Hemmateenejad et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 394(7), 1965-1975 (2009-06-23)
This article describes the use of the net analyte signal (NAS) concept and rank annihilation factor analysis (RAFA) for building two different multivariate standard addition models called "SANAS" and "SARAF." In the former, by the definition of a new subspace
J Kanno et al.
Toxicology, 99(1-2), 107-113 (1995-05-05)
The effect of 3,4,5,6-tetrachloro-2',4',5',7'-tetraiodo-fluorescein sodium salt (Rose Bengal B or FD&C Red No. 105, molecular weight 1017.6) on the thyroid of rats treated with N-bis(2-hydroxypropyl)-nitrosamine (DHPN) and iodine-deficient (I-def) diet is studied. Six-week-old male F344 rats were divided into seven

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