Sigma TLC spray box



thin layer chromatography (TLC): suitable


~14 in. × 14 in. × 14 in.

General description

The reagent/chemical spraying on the TLC plates are generally carried out inside a fume hood or commercially available TLC spray cabinet with blower and exhaust hose. The TLC plate can be placed supported upright or on a paper inside the spray box. Spraying the box ensures complete removal of reagent mist.
Completely disposable.
Contains knock out vents for better ventilation. Easy to assemble.


  • Sigma TLC spray box may be used to spray reagent for TLC plates.
  • Sigma TLC spray box may be used in thin layer chromatography and HPTLC.


Compatible with most Sigma sprays.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Detection (visualization) of TLC zones.
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Separation of Placebo; 1 % Vit C derivat; 1 % Active 2; 2 % Vit C Derivat; 2 % Active2; Reference Vitamin C Derivat; Reference Degradation product
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