Greiner centrifuge tubes

centrifuge tube, 50 mL, 30 x 115 mm, conical (V) bottom, w/ graduations, I.D. field

Greiner centrifuge tubes, centrifuge tubes


conical bottom tube
polypropylene tube




RCF 3,200 × g
graduations, ID field


pack of 20
case of 500


Greiner 227261


50 mL

diam. × L

30 mm × 115 mm


blue cap
colorless tube

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General description

In biology, centrifugation is a process to separate and purify mixtures of biological particles in a liquid medium using centrifugal force. Centrifuge tubes are used to hold the biological medium.
Greiner centrifuge tubes
High quality, crystal-clear polypropylene centrifuge tubes. Centrifuge tubes can be safely centrifuged to approximately 3,200 × g (50 mL size) and 3,500 × g (15 mL size) depending on the specific gravity of the solution being centrifuged and the type of rotor.


Greiner centrifuge tube has been used in viability testing during organ weaving. It was also used for performing viability test of the transfected cells in the cell culture wells.

Legal Information

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Albert R Liberski et al.
Macromolecular bioscience, 11(11), 1491-1498 (2011-09-15)
The concept of "organ weaving" is presented, a fabrication technique that can be an attractive option for the development of artificial tissues and organs. "Living threads" are created by immersing threads that are soaked in a CaCl(2) solution into a...

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