Cell Biology: A Laboratory Handbook, 2nd ed.


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J.E. Celis, ed., Academic Press, 1997, 2400 pp., comb bound



General description

A superb handbook, this four-volume set should be a required resource for any biology or biochemistry research facility. Contributors are world-renowned in their fields, and the content has been peer-reviewed. The 260 chapters are uniformly edited and beautifully illustrated; 40% of the material is new to this edition. As an encyclopedic manual of up-to-date instructions for cell biology techniques and transitions to molecular biology, it′s the next best thing to having the expert at your side.

Table of Contents

Volume 1
Part 1: Cell and Tissue Culture and Associated Techniques
Part 2: Viruses

Volume 2
Part 3: Organelles and Cellular Structures
Part 4: Assays
Part 5: Antibodies
Part 6: Immunocytochemistry
Part 7: Vital Staining of Cells

Volume 3
Part 8: Light Microscopy and Contrast Generation
Part 9: Electron Microscopy
Part 10: Intracellular Measurements
Part 11: Cytogenetics and in Situ Hybridization
Part 12: Transgenic and Gene Knockouts

Volume 4
Part 13: Transfer of Macromolecules and Small Molecules
Part 14: Expression Systems
Part 15: Differential Gene Expression
Part 16: Proteins

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