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KERN MLB 50-3 moisture analyzer

AC/DC input

230 V AC


CE compliant


not available in USA and Canada


50-160 °C temperature

outside dimensions W × D × H

170 mm × 300 mm × 180 mm


5 kg

Features and Benefits

  • Application table - many practical examples in the service instructions
  • 2 quartz halogen heaters - 200W each
  • 10 aluminum sample plates
  • 3 displays - temperature, drying time & drying state in %
  • 3 years warranty
Dry measurement values:-
Repeatability, weight 1g0.2%
Repeatability, weight 10g0.02%
Display after drying:-
% humidity = weight reduction0-100%
% dry mass = residual weight100-0%
% ATRO100-999%
Weighing system:-
Weighing range50g
Drying sequence / switch-off criteria
Fully automatic: drying until weight become constant
Semiautomatic: drying ends when loss per unit of time goes below theoretical value
Manual: according to adjusted time 10min - 9h 50min
Check of measure value: Interval adjust. of 1 - 59sec

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