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TPP® tissue culture plates

96 well plate, flat bottom, polystyrene, 0.34cm2, sterile, 108/cs

96 well plate, cell culture plate, tissue culture plate


flat bottom
flat bottom clear polystyrene wells




case of 108 ea (internal packs of 6)


TPP 92696


not available in (available only in North America)

external L × W × H

128 mm × 85 mm × 17 mm

maximum volume

340 μL


96 wells

surface area

0.34 cm2 , growth surface (cm2)

working volume

340 μL


suitable for (cell culture; tissue culture applications)

binding type

Tissue Culture (TC)-treated surface

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General description

TPP Tissue Culture Plates

Advantages of the TPP tissue culture plates:
  • Lid with air-venting system guarantees controlled gas exchange with low evaporation
  • Sloped edge allows placement of the lid in one position only
  • Yellow marking area on lid and plate ensure correct lid orientation: yellow on yellow – match!
  • Ridged grip area ensures a secure grasp and prevents from accidentally lifting off the lid
  • Clear alpha-numerical labelling between the wells for easy orientation during microscopy, easy to see black alpha-numerics on the side
  • Growth area on spherical zone only
  • Absolutely flat growth surface
  • All TPP plate sizes (6, 12, 24 and 96-well) stack securely together
  • Air vents in plate base prevent condensation and provide consistent air-flow between stacked plates
  • Crystal clear transparency

Advantages of the TPP 96 well tissue culture plates:
  • Manufactured according to ANSI/SBS-3d-standards
  • Standardized with an interleaved barcode 2/5
  • White base colour is embossed firmly on the test plate; loss of identification through detachment is excluded
  • 2 well geometries available: F-base and U-base

Well geometry for 96 well tissue culture plates

F-base (flat bottom):
  • Excellent optical characteristics
  • Suitable for precise optical measurements the measuring light is not distracted by the geometry-as well as microscopy applications

U-base (round bottom):
  • No rims well suited for pipetting
  • Used for agglutination tests and „+/-„ evaluations

Legal Information

TPP is a registered trademark of TPP Techno Plastic Products AG

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