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The Belly Dancer® orbital shaker

with silicone mat, AC/DC input 230 V AC, Schuko plug

amplification, cell culture growth, gel staining, immunoprecipitation, membrane rinsing, northern hybridization, phage elution, southern hybridization, western blotting


0 ‑ 8 ° platform pitch control




0-100 rpm speed

W × D × H

15 in. × 15 in. × 9 in.

platform W × L

12 in. × 12 in.

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General description

Whether your laboratory applications require gentle, continuous agitation or vigorous mixing. The proven IBI Belly Dancer is your instrument of choice. The unique, undulating motion of the Belly Dancer shaker is designed to provide the optimal movement for multiple applications in today′s Life Science Research laboratory.

The smooth combination of vertical and horizontal orbital motion allows for more rapid exchange of reagents in applications such as staining and de-stainign gels and promotes lower background in blotting techniques. The unique 3-dimensional motion and wide range of speeds also provides superior growth in multiple cell culture and tissue culture applications. The easily adjustable speed and platform pitch angle controls provide a wide range of agitation conditions, from extremely gentle to vigorous.

The Belly Dancer is an exceptionally simple liquid agitation system, consisting of an orbiting platform flexibly anchored at four corners ao that the platform motion, when adjusted by the platform pitch control collar, is an extremely effective combination of rocking platform and orbital shaker. One-dimensional shakers do not have the versatility and range of application that result from the variable speed and adjustable platform pitch of the Belly Dancer.

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The Belly Dancer is a registered trademark of IBI Scientific Corp.

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