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PTFE Packed GC Column (General Configuration)

phase none, matrix 80/100 Porapak QS support, L × O.D. × I.D. 6.0 ft (1.8 m) × 1/8  in. × 2.1 mm




0-250 °C temperature (isothermal or programmed)


gas chromatography (GC): suitable

L × O.D. × I.D.

6.0 ft (1.8 m) × 1/8  in. × 2.1 mm


80/100 Porapak QS support

matrix active group

none phase

column type

packed GC


configured for General Use

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General description

In a packed column, the carrier gas percolates through the porous bed and separation is achieved by moving the solutes apart. PTFE packing is fibrous and is made from machine-braided yarn. PTFE-based packing material is resistant over the range 0-14 pH and fluid temperature upto 258 °C. It also reduces friction during pump application. PTFE is limited to rotational surface speeds below 0.5 m/s due to its poor thermal conductivity and high thermal expansion coefficient. Porapak QS is a cross-linked polyaromatic resin which is capable to extract organic compounds and any trace metals associated with organic molecules.
For low temperature applications, a PTFE column offers the flexibility of metal with inertness approaching that of glass. This column is of a general configuration, and can be carefully bent to fit most instruments.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Principles and Applications
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