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Carboxen®-1010 PLOT Capillary GC Column

L × I.D. 30 m × 0.32 mm, average thickness 15 μm

Carboxen® 1010 PLOT Column, 30m x 0.32mm
EC Number:


fused silica

Quality Level


ASTM® D3612-96


PLOT = Porous Layer Open Tubular




≤25-250 °C temperature (isothermal or programmed)

average thickness

15 μm


15 μm


gas chromatography (GC): suitable

L × I.D.

30 m × 0.32 mm

matrix active group

Carbon molecular sieve phase


chemicals and industrial polymers
food and beverages

column type

capillary PLOT

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General description

Porous-layer open-tubular (PLOT) columns are a powerful tool suitable in gas chromatography for analysis of fixed gases, light hydrocarbons and volatile solvents. They are mostly preferred over traditional columns.
Application: This column is ideal for the separation of all major components in permanent gas (helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, and carbon dioxide) and light hydrocarbons (C2-C3) in the same analysis. It is the only column commercially available that is able to separate all major components in permanent gas. This column can also separate oxygen from nitrogen at subambient temperatures.
USP Code: None
  • Carbon molecular sieve
Temp. Limits:
  • Subambient to 250 °C (isothermal or programmed)


Gas chromatograph (GC), equipped with a 1010 Carboxen® GC Plot capillary column and a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) was also used for the chemical analyses of the composition of product gas in the batch enrichment assays, during bioprospecting thermophilic microorganisms derived from Icelandic hot springs which are efficient producers of hydrogen and ethanol.


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ASTM is a registered trademark of American Society for Testing and Materials
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