Micro-Reaction Vessel, black phenolic hole cap, pkg of 12

volume 2 mL, clear glass vial, PTFE/red rubber septum, O.D. × H 16 mm × 56 mm

Pricing and availability is not currently available.


PTFE/red rubber septum
clear glass vial


closure type black phenolic hole cap
closure type screw top vial


pkg of 12 ea

O.D. × H

16 mm × 56 mm


2 mL


15-425 thread

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General description

Micro Reaction Vessels are cone shaped inside for easy removal of small samples. They are made of heavy-wall borosilicate glass and are supplied with PTFE-faced septum and cap. This glassware can be autoclaved or centrifuged. The septa material can not be autoclaved. The maximum temperature of the septa is less than 121 ºC.

Clear Micro Reaction Vessels
: Height with cap; depth from septum to bottom of cone.
Amber Micro Reaction Vessels: The height measurement is without the cap. The amber version is not graduated.

Depth from septum to bottom of cone:
. . . . . . . . .Depth
0.3 mL. . . . . . .25 mm
1.0 mL. . . . . . .34 mm
2.0 mL. . . . . . .50 mm
3.0 mL. . . . . . .45 mm
5.0 mL. . . . . . .60 mm
10.0 mL . . . . . 69 mm

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