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SPME fiber assembly Divinylbenzene/Carboxen/Polydimethylsiloxane (DVB/CAR/PDMS)

needle size 23 ga, StableFlex, for use with manual holder or autosampler, fiber L 2 cm



StableFlex fiber
notched gray hub

Quality Level

needle size

23 ga


pk of 3


30 μm (CAR/PDMS layer)
50 μm (DVB layer)


solid phase microextraction (SPME): suitable

fiber L

2 cm

matrix active group

DVB/CAR/PDMS coating


food and beverages


for analyte group flavors (volatiles and semivolatiles, C3-20) (MW 40-275)
for use with manual holder or autosampler

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General description

SPME fiber assemblies can be reused for up to 100 analyzes, or more, depending on the application and the care they are given. For reuse, simply condition with heat before and after every analysis. Solvent can be used for HPLC applications or when heat does not sufficiently clean the fiber. Each assembly has a color-coded or notched hub indicating the type of coating on the fiber. Smaller molecules are retained in the pores of the fibers containing adsorbents in the coating; e.g. carboxen, divinylbenzene particles.

Features and Benefits

Designed for use with Merlin Microseal sealing system; can be used with other septumless systems.

Other Notes

Appearance may vary. Darker spots may be visible on the fiber but will not affect performance.


Coating bonded to a flexible fused silica core, yielding a more suitable coating on a less breakable fiber. There may be a slight difference in extraction selectivity compared to the same coating on a standard fused silica core. 2cm fiber assembly contains no spring.

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