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Ascentis® Express 90 Å Biphenyl, 5.0 μm HPLC Column

column L × I.D. 3 cm × 4.6 mm

Ascentis® Express 90 Å Biphenyl, 5.0 μm HPLC Column


stainless steel column


suitable for USP L11

product line





1 ea of

extent of labeling

5.5% Carbon loading


HPLC: suitable
LC/MS: suitable

column L × I.D.

3 cm × 4.6 mm


Fused-Core® particle platform
superficially porous particle

matrix active group

Biphenyl (dimethylbiphenyl) bonding phase

particle size

5.0 μm

pore size

90 Å pore size

surface area

90 m2/g

operating pH range


separation technique

reversed phase

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General description

Ascentis® Express 90 Å Biphenyl is a high-speed, high-performance liquid chromatography column based on a superficially porous Fused-Core® particle design. The particle provides a thin porous shell of high-purity silica surrounding a solid silica core. This particle design exhibits very high column efficiency due to the shallow diffusion paths in the 0.6 μm thick porous shell and the small overall particle size of 5 μm. The bonded, densely endcapped, dimethyl-biphenyl stationary phase provides a stable, reversed phase packing with enhanced pi-pi and mild steric interactions due to the two sequential phenyl groups bonded to the base silica. The 90 Å Biphenyl can be used for basic, acidic, or neutral compounds with alternate selectivity from C18 and is especially useful for separating peaks that elute early on C18 and other phenyl phases.

Analysis Note

Target analytes include electron-poor molecules, aromatic or unsaturated compounds (ketones, nitriles, alkenes).

Legal Information

Ascentis is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
Fused-Core is a registered trademark of Advanced Materials Technology, Inc.

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