phase sulfonic acid, L × I.D. 10 cm × 4.6 mm, 7 μm particle size



stainless steel hardware


counter ion Na+


Tosoh SP-STAT, 21964


no limitation salt concentration
≤50% organic solvent
0.5-1.4 mL/min standard flow rate
10-60 °C temperature
100 bar max. pressure


HPLC: suitable

L × I.D.

10 cm × 4.6 mm


polymer particle platform

matrix active group

sulfonic acid phase

particle size

7 μm

operating pH

3 - 10

separation technique

cation exchange

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General description

TSKgel SP-STAT columns are packed with 7 and 10μm hydrophilic non-porous resin particles of which the surface consists of an open access network of multi-layered cation exchange groups. The innovative bonding chemistry, combined with a relatively large particle size, results in a respectable loading capacity and a low operating pressure. Applications for the TSKgel SP-STAT columns include the separation of proteins, protein aggregates, charge isomers of monoclonal antibodies, PEGylated proteins, and peptide digests.

Physical form

Shipped in DI water.

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Legal Information

TSKgel is a registered trademark of Tosoh Corporation
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