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GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine SFC 3 Micron HPLC Column

3 μm particle size, L × I.D. 15 cm × 4.6 mm



stainless steel column

Quality Level

product line



ES Industries 135191-GS-PYE


1 ea of


HPLC: suitable

L × I.D.

15 cm × 4.6 mm


fully porous particle

matrix active group

2-ethyl pyridine phase

particle size

3 μm

pore size

120 Å pore size

operating pH


separation technique

supercritical fluid (SFC)

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General description

The type of chemicals separated on a GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine column would normally require the addition of an amine to the mobile phase as a peak shape modifier; however GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine does not require this addition. Ideal for chemicals that are functionalized with strong amine groups, GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine provides flexibility for the SFC chromatographer with mobile phase composition and fraction collection greatly simplified without the use of amino additives.

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GreenSep is a trademark of ES Industries

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