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STEC in Hemp PT


Proficiency Testing Material

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General description

Supelco is a global proficiency testing (PT) provider that manufactures best-in-class food, clinical, environmental and pharmaceutical PT products. The PT portfolio allows our customers in many different market segments to assess performance of laboratory employees and instrument and control the accuracy and precision of methods.
The Supelco PT portal offers significant performance data to monitor and prove competency to customers and accreditation bodies.

The PT is suitable for testing for presence of STEC in samples using cultural techniques or PCR.

Type of PT Scheme:

Matrix: Hemp

Analyte/s: Values of analytes will vary from lot to lot.

All information regarding the use of STEC in Hemp Budan be found in the reporting packet which will be available to download at PT Portal.


The PT contains 5 samples with some containing STEC.

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Features and Benefits

We have a vast portfolio of environmental PT schemes with "fit-for-purpose" samples to help you meet the needs of the laboratory.
Our proficiency testing (PT) program is a benchmark to:

  • provide staff with an insight into their laboratory′s performance, to verify the accuracy and reliability of their testing process
  • provide a comparison of performance with that of other laboratories, nationally and internationally
  • test and educate staff, provide a better understanding of the impact of incorrect results and identify areas where there may be problems
  • provide and independent evaluation of laboratory performance
  • demonstrate to clients, colleagues and accreditation bodies that there is a commitment to quality

Preparation Note

  • This PT sample is packaged as 5 vials x 5g

Sample Preparation

1. This sample comes as 5 vials containing matrix material and 5 vials containing a microbiological pellet.
2. The purpose of this sample is identification of which samples are STEC positive and which are STEC negative.
3. The analysis of these samples is time sensitive. Please read the instructions and make sure you fully understand them prior to starting the analysis.
4. Analysis should be completed 1 hour of hydration of disk.
5. Each sample vial is uniquely marked. Remember to label your containers with the corresponding sample number and the study number prior to hydrolyzing the samples.
6. Buffer solution is not provided with these samples. Please proceed to use your laboratory′s standard buffer or saline solution. If your laboratory does not have buffer in-house, we recommend using P3813, Phosphate Powder which can be purchased at

1. Allow the capped sample vials to equilibrate to room temperature. This may take about 15 min.
2. Aseptically transfer the pellets to the corresponding matrix vial.
3. Transfer the buffer solution/ hydration fluid to the vial. Vortex mix.
4. If PCR is used, hydrate the matrix-sample mixture with your recommended buffer (skip this step if not using PCR)
5. Let the pellet dissolve in the vial. This should take about 15 minutes.
6. The sample is now ready for extraction and analysis using your laboratory’s method.

1. Report which samples are STEC positive with 1 and which are STEC negative with 0.

Storage and Stability

Please refer to sample label for expiration date, specific storage temperature and specific storage conditions.

Other Notes

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Proficiency Testing Schedule

CANN22-3 July 27 – September 21



    STEC 1000 -10000 CFU

Storage Class Code

6.2 - Infectious substances



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