radiello Diffusive Bodies

blue, configured for sampling light sensitive compounds, pk of 20



polyethylene body

Quality Level


pk of 20


Radiello Code 120-1


air monitoring: suitable

thickness × diffusive path length

1.7 mm × 18 mm



pore size

25 μm average pore size

Featured Industry

Industrial Hygiene


configured for sampling light sensitive compounds

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General description

A radiello is basically a radial symmetry diffusive sampler.
The diffusive bodies are designed to house Radiello cartridge adsorbents during sampling. The diffusive bodies are threaded at one end for easy attachment to the Radiello triangular support plate. Unlike most of the cartridge adsorbents, the diffusive bodies are reusable and can be cleaned with a mild detergent between use. The diffusive bodies will collect dust (especially during outdoor sampling) and replacement is recommended after 4-5 uses.

Dimensions are 60 mm height x 16 mm diameter. There are four different diffusive bodies available. Each of which are application specific in design.


A radiello diffusive sampler may be used for thermal desorption during passive sampling, in an comparative study done to evaluate the relative performance of active and passive sampling methods in order to analyse the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ambient air. A radiello cartridge packed with Carbograph 4 may also be used in diffusive sampling to determine time-weighted average volatile organic compound (VOC) concentration in occupational hygiene and environmental air monitoring. A radiello diffusive sampler may also be used to monitor the cadaveric VOCs released by decomposing pig carcasses in three biotopes (crop field, forest, urban site).

Legal Information

radiello is a trademark of Institi Clinici Scientifici Maugeri
Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
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