We are committed to providing you with the right solvent for your specific application. All our products undergo stringent controls and continuous development to meet your exacting requirements. Our comprehensive portfolio of solvents can be found under three of our Portfolio Brands: Supelco® products for analytical chemistry, Sigma-Aldrich® materials for lab and production, SAFC® products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. All our products are designed to fit your application requirements and are available in a variety of sizes, packaging materials, and with the supporting documentation you need.   

Solvents for Instrumental analysis

We are committed to providing our customers with the widest selection of high purity solvents, specifically designed to deliver the ultimate performance for UHPLC-MS, LC-MS, HPLC, GC, and UV Instrumental Analysis. For this purpose, we offer two premium brands: Supelco® for regulated/accredited application fields and Sigma-Aldrich® for research application fields. LiChrosolv®, OmniSolv® (only in the US and Canada), SupraSolv®, and Uvasol® solvents are now residing under the Supelco® brand portfolio. Our large portfolios of analytical solvents allow reliable, accurate and reproducible results without the need for costly purification and repeated analysis.

LiChrosolv® high-performance solvents are the right choice for analytical HPLC and LC-MS applications. They are suitable for UV analysis, fluorescence and mass detection and offer high resolution and sensitivity. SupraSolv® solvents are ideal for all gas chromatography lab applications and prepared for use with various detector systems (ECD, FID & MS) or headspace sampling. Uvasol® solvents are specially designed for applications that demand solvents of the highest spectral purity and are widely used in IR, UV and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Solvents for classical analysis, production, and purification

We strive to tailor our comprehensive range of solvents to customer requirements. EMSURE® solvents for analysis are our premium grade suitable for a broad spectrum of classical lab applications including regulated and highly demanding applications. Most EMSURE® grade solvents meet or even exceed the requirements from ACS, but also from Reag. Ph. Eur. and ISO regulations. EMPARTA® is a high-quality solvent grade that fulfills the requirements of the ACS and can be used for a wide range of standard analytical applications. Further, EMPLURA® grade solvents are a cost-effective alternative for basic applications such as preparative lab work, production and cleaning.

Prepsolv® solvents are tailored to the requirements of preparative chromatography to facilitate scale-up from analytical to preparative separations. For RNA/DNA and peptide synthesis we offer a special range of solvents providing highest purity, as well as high and constant dryness. Furthermore, our solvents offer more flexibility, thanks to a wide range of packaging solutions including bottles and bulk containers up to 1000 liter.

Solvent for General Chemistry, Chemical Synthesis, Production and Biotech Application

Our ReagentPlus® solvents have a guaranteed purity of ≥98.5% for applications that require higher purities, such as specialty organic synthesis, preparative scale liquid chromatography or glass washing. ReagentPlus® solvents are available in a wide variety of containers. The ACS solvents can be used for ACS applications or for general procedures that require stringent quality specifications. Furthermore, Sigma-Aldrich® brand portfolio offers high-purity anhydrous solvents with extremely low water levels specifically manufactured for moisture sensitive organic and biotech applications.

NMR Solvents

We provide the widest range of NMR solvents with excellent chemical purity and the highest isotopic enrichment possible. To ensure the finest quality, we consistently review and improve our methods for solvent purification and water content reduction. All of our NMR solvents undergo strict quality control testing during production and packaging. For more specific requirements, we support you with the convenience of customized products and packaging. Our glass bottles, ampules, and septum bottles for NMR solvents are available in large range of configurations and sizes.

Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical formulation and production products

In pharmaceutics, the regulatory world is everchanging. Keeping up with the latest requirements while not losing track of the market itself is definitely not an easy task to fulfill. And as the pressure caused by generics and biosimilars making their way into the market keeps rising, it becomes more and more important to focus on what really matters: Quality and the right partner throughout your product journey.

We support you in every step of development, scale-up, and production with services that range from process optimization to regulatory affairs support. Our SAFC® portfolio of high-quality products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical formulation and production withstands strict quality control procedures and is produced according to applicable cGMP guidelines.

As part of our Emprove® Program, our raw materials are offered with extensive documentation facilitating compliance of your pharma and biopharma product, full supply chain transparency and risk mitigation.

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