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Analytical Chromatography

We provide a complete range of high-quality products for accurate, brilliant results in a variety of analytical applications, including HPLC, GC, Karl Fischer titration, elemental trace analysis, classical analysis, air monitoring, food and beverage analysis, and proficiency testing. We also supply a complete range of safety equipment.

Analytical Syringes
Analytical Syringes

We offer standard and high-quality Hamilton®, SGE, and VICI® Precision Sampling analytical gas and liquid syringes. Our brand selection gives you options based on the product offering, relevance to the application, instrument compatibility, and personal choice.

Analytical Vials
Analytical Vials

We offer a wide selection of autosampler and general-purpose vials, including septa, caps, accessories, amber and clear bottles, headspace vials, polypropylene and TPX vials, center drain vials, and silane-treated vials for special applications.

Chromatography Standards
Chromatography Standards

Certified Reference Materials & reference standards for chromatography-based testing applications including forensic and clinical toxicology analysis, diagnostic testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, cannabis testing, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, and food & beverage testing

GC Columns, Accessories & Adsorbents
GC Columns, Accessories & Adsorbents

Browse our Gas Chromatography (GC) units, columns, consumables, and accessories for your analytical GC applications to achieve high performance, maximum productivity, and superior detection sensitivity.

Buffer salt crystals
HPLC Buffers

The selection of a buffer in terms of species, ionic strength and pH range is critical in reversed-phase chromatography. Learn more about high quality HPLC grade buffers and reagents for your lab chromatographic applications.

HPLC Columns & Accessories

Our wide selection of HPLC columns for small and large molecule analysis allows you to enhance the separation process in terms of retention, resolution, selectivity, and analysis time, all while reducing the time for method development.

LPLC Media & Accessories

Browse through our portfolio to choose from a wide selection of products required for LPLC applications such as columns, a variety of adsorbents, ion exchange resins, separation media, and accessories, designed to fit your unique application demands.

U-shaped purge trap
Purge & Trap

The purge and trap method is applied for the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in aqueous samples by purging the sample with inert gas and transferring volatile analytes to an adsorbent trap in a gas chromatograph (GC).

ReagentPlus solvent grade products

Browse through our comprehensive range of solvents offered under three portfolio brands for your various applications: Supelco® products for analytical chemistry, Sigma-Aldrich® materials for lab and production, SAFC® products for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

We offer a variety of TLC plates including classical TLC plates, HPTLC plates, MS-Grade TLC and HPTLC plates, and PLC plates.

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