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Photometry & Rapid Chemical Testing

Photometric testing with the Spectroquant® system includes instruments, guided sample preparation, a comprehensive range of easy-to-use test kits, and an end-to-end Analyitical Quality Assurance. Rapid, on-site analysis requires equipment, reagents, and kits that are easily transported and operated in the field. Our selection of mobile laboratory products, including our RQflex® 20 reflectometer for process monitoring, MQuant® test strips for quick analysis, and MQuant® colorimetric and titrimetric test systems provide economical, fast results. Regardless of your application, our mobile instruments, kits, and test strips are sure to provide the accuracy you need quickly.

Spectroquant® Photometer
Spectroquant® Photometry Instruments, Kits, & Accessories

Spectroquant® instruments, software, accessories, and ready-to-use test kits through innovative solutions and start-to-finish quality assurance ensure precise and rapid results with the easy handling of the system.

Test strip
Test Strips, Papers & Readers

Our selection of MQuant® and Reflectoquant® test strips includes a variety of test strips for fast, precise, and low-cost analysis in-the-field or on-site.

pH Test Strips, pH Papers, Readers & Accessories

MQuant® and Reflectoquant® pH indicator papers, kits, and non-bleeding pH strips make rapid pH measurement easier than ever.

Colorimetric & Titrimetric Test Kits

Colorimetric and titrimetric test kits with brilliant color cards allow easy and precise analysis for aquaculture, surface water and industrial water testing.

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