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Cell Culture & Analysis

Cell Imaging Instruments

Cell culture is fundamental in life science research and development. Whether your goal is to establish relevant cell models to probe complex biology, establish drug discovery and drug development assays, or produce recombinant proteins or therapeutics, we have everything you need to advance your science. Our cell culture workflow portfolio, advanced cell culture solutions, cell counting and imaging equipment, cultureware, extracellular matrices, hydrogels, sterile filtration consumables, reagents, media, sera, and growth factors offer quality essentials for 2D and 3D cell culture experiments.   

Cell Culture Analysis

Cell Analysis

Enhance cell analysis with our reagents, kits & instruments. Better data & results, increased control while preserving cell health.

Sterile Lab Media Filtration & Cultureware

Browse our selection of sterile laboratory filtration and cultureware products, including Stericup® vacuum driven filter units and Multiscreen filter plates.

Sterile Lab Media Filtration & Cultureware

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