Organoaluminum Reagents

Organoaluminum reagents are powerful tools for organic synthesis and the development of new technologies and play an important role in the formation of known bond formations. 

Selection of applications: 

  • Some organoaluminum reagents react with carbonyl compounds to afford the corresponding allenic alcohols or homopropargylic alcohols.
  • Organoaluminum reagents can participate in copper-catalyzed kinetic resolution of alkenyl cyclopropane malonates.
  • Cationic organoaluminum compounds are potential hydroamination catalysts.
  • Organoaluminum reagents are also employed in asymmetric conjugate addition reactions due to their commercial availability and proof of application in carboalumination reactions.

Since several organoaluminum reagents display high sensitivity to both air and moisture, we provide top-quality packaging in Sure/Seal bottles to prolong the lifetime of these reagents. Smaller-sized bottles require fewer needle entries to consume the reagent volume. Therefore, many of our organometallic reagents are also being transitioned into exclusive 25 mL Sure/Seal packaging to reduce waste and decomposition of more unstable reagents.

Discover how our organoaluminum reagents can enable your cross-coupling reactions and facilitate the discovery of new bond-forming methodologies. We also offer organozinc reagents and organosilicon reagents for all your organometallic applications.

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