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Synthesis Enabling Tools

Synthesis enabling tools are technologies and platforms that enable chemists to design or optimize chemical syntheses with more efficiency, better yield, and greater accuracy.

Penn Phd photoreactor image from front.

Our photoreactors are designed to perform photochemical reactions with controlled reaction rates to maintain the stability of the reactants and products for optimal results. Compare wavelengths, temperature control, light intensity and more to find the right photoreactor for your lab.

Synple 2 Automated Synthesizer with solvent bottles.
Automated Chemical Synthesis

Our automated organic chemical synthesis platforms and reagent cartridges provide everything you need to synthesize your product with the push of a button.

Synlectro electrochemistry cell with 2 electrodes.

Our electrosynthesis platforms are designed to perform electrochemical reactions from research to batch scale with a simplified and standardized design.

Twenty-four well plate used for high throughput screening.
High Throughput Screening

High throughput screening provides the optimal solution to quickly and efficiently identify or optimize suitable reaction conditions and reagents. We offer a variety of components and kits to start your own high throughput experiments.

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