Electrosynthesis, or electrochemical synthesis, is a synthesis technique that uses electrical energy to drive chemical reactions to form new compounds. There are many advantages of electrochemistry including novel reactivity, high functional group tolerance, chemoselectivity, and the ability to synthesize highly functionalized or complex compounds that may be difficult to produce by other means. Electro-organic synthesis can generate reactive intermediates that are unstable or difficult to isolate, and then use these intermediates to produce more complex molecules through further electrochemical reactions. In addition, the use of electricity replaces toxic and costly chemicals allowing the synthesis to be completed more efficiently, cleaner, and cheaper following the principles of green chemistry.

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Synlectro electrochemistry platform cell with PTFE stopper and sleeve with holes for up to four electrodes to pass through.

SynLectroTM Electrolysis Platform

Our portfolio of electrosynthesis products, including glass cells, PTFE stoppers and sleeves, electrode holders, and electrodes allows researchers to conduct electrochemical reactions safely and efficiently. Our SynLectro™ platform of products is designed to simplify and standardize electrochemical organic synthesis, depending on the specific reaction desired and the scale of the reaction from research to production.

A portable, rugged photoreactor encased in a black protective foam with a vibrant red and yellow design panel that includes the Sigma-Aldrich logo and text detailing "Faraday Lab" and "Electrosynthesis Workstation."

Faraday Lab: Electrosynthesis Workstation

Faraday Lab: Electrosynthesis Workstation is a plug and play power controller for electrochemical synthesis. Featuring three experiment types (constant current, constant voltage, and CV), as well as the ability to save and export reaction data, Faraday Lab is your perfect entryway to electrosynthesis. Faraday Lab has universal compatibility with labware and electrode setups, including our own SynLectro™ Electrolysis Platform.

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