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Cell Marque™ Detection Systems & Ancillary Reagents

Bottles of several sizes containing Trilogy™ pretreatment solutions for histopathology tissue processing

From tissue pretreatments to antibody diluents, blocking serum, and HRP polymers, Cell Marque™ ancillary reagents provide the most reliable and consistent performance needed by today’s demanding, high-throughput histopathology labs.  

Our well-known brands comprise reagents created and tested for standard clinical immunohistochemistry and histological staining methods by our in-house, certified histopathologists. 

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Trilogy™ Tissue Pretreatment Solutions

Trilogy™ is the ultimate pretreatment solution for your lab. Unlike other EDTA solutions, Trilogy™ is a near-neutral pH solution, making it less harmful on tissue, while still exhibiting the strong unmasking abilities of a conventional EDTA solution. Its revolutionary formula combines deparaffinization, rehydration, and unmasking, all in one simple step! Trilogy™ allows for standardization of the pretreatment procedure, which in turn leads to more consistent and reliable results.

Declere Tissue Pretreatment for IHC

Declere may be used whenever immunohistochemistry staining is performed on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Using this product encourages standardization of the pretreatment procedure, thereby producing more consistent and reliable results.

Decalcifiers for Tissue Processing

Decalcification is necessary for optical microscopic examinations of hard tissue in routine histological procedures. Our EDTA formulation based OSTEOSOFT is best suited for decalcification of sensitive, calcium-containing tissues, such as iliac crest biopsies. OSTEOSOFT is used only once; a fresh solution must be used for each tissue. We offer another variant, OSTEOMOLL, that can be used for the decalcification of hard tissue such as teeth and bone as its formulation is based on formaldehyde and acetic acid. Whereby OSTEOSOFT preserves the antigen structures in the tissue, thus, an IHC analysis can be performed, OSTEOMOLL will be used for tissues that are not destined for antibody analysis. Both decalcifiers can be used for clinical diagnostic purposes and in laboratory accreditation processes as they are certified and registered as IVD and CE products.

Antibody Diluents for Immunohistochemistry

We offer ready-to-use antibody diluents that are designed for the dilution and stabilization of both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, as well as, for the preparation of negative control reagents in immunohistochemistry. Our product, Diamond antibody diluent contains Tris buffer (pH 7.3-7.7) with 1% BSA and <0.1% sodium azide. We also provide Emerald, a PBS buffer-based antibody diluent, that can also be used to stabilize diluted antibodies when stored at 2-8 °C. Both products are designed to minimize the non-specific reaction that may be caused by the antibody and encourage specific antigen-antibody binding.

HiDef Detection™ HRP Polymer System

HiDef Detection™ polymer system is a visualization system that is ready-to-use in immunohistochemical protocols. This two-step system uses an indirect method resulting in an antibody-enzyme complex that universally detects mouse and rabbit primary antibodies. The resulting chromogenic reaction can be visualized by HRP-compatible chromogens using light microscopy. It is biotin-free and eliminates non-specific staining that could result from endogenous biotin. This visualization system consists of two detection reagents and is based on the sequential application of HiDef Detection™ Amplifier (Mouse and Rabbit) followed by HiDef Detection™ HRP Polymer Detector, amplifying the detection of low expressing antigens. This detection system is compatible with both manual and open automated staining platforms.

HiDef Detection™ Alk Phos Polymer System

We supply the HiDef Detection™ Alk Phos Mouse/Rabbit polymer system, an extremely sensitive immunoenzymatic detection kit. The kit is an indirect, biotin-free polymer detection kit for detecting mouse IgG, mouse IgM and rabbit primary antibodies. As a result, nonspecific staining from endogenous avidin-biotin activity is eliminated.

DAB-buffer Tablets

DAB-buffer tablets are used to prepare a DAB-chromogen solution required for the detection of peroxidase reactions in immunohistochemistry. 3,3′-Diaminobenzidine (DAB) is a peroxidase substrate producing a brown colored product that is insoluble in alcohol. The peroxidase chromogen is used for the visualization of antigenic structures in cryostat and paraffin sections in immunohistochemistry and should be used with non-aqueous specimens. The reagent is sufficient for 50 staining procedures. It is registered as IVD and CE product.

IHC Wash Buffers Plus TWEEN 20

We offer TBS and PBS immunohistochemistry wash buffers with TWEEN 20. These are 20X concentrated solutions that are employed to rinse reagents off slides and to provide a medium for short-term storage of immunohistochemistry specimens.

Universal Negative Control Serum

The Universal Negative Control Serum reagent is used in IHC assays where both mouse and rabbit primary antibodies produce antigen-specific recognition and binding. These reagents aid in the identification of cells, tissues, or tissue components, which may nonspecifically bind antibodies and thereby facilitate interpretation.

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