Lateral Flow Membranes

Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes are the membrane of choice for diagnostic tests and kits, offering superior consistency and performance. Uniquely optimized for lateral flow assays, Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes are manufactured to the tightest specifications compared to other lateral flow membranes on the market and offer unsurpassed surface quality. Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes are specifically designed for consistent results, reliable lot-to-lot performance, fixed test run times, and sharp capture / test lines with minimal nonspecific background signal. Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes are suitable for all lateral flow test types and are available in several convenient speeds and formats.

Cut away schematic drawing of a rapid lateral flow assay test strip

Selecting the Right Raw Materials for Your Lateral Flow Test

The membrane is the single most important material used in a lateral flow test strip. Physical and chemical attributes of the membrane affect its capillary flow properties. The capillary flow properties, in turn, affect reagent deposition, assay sensitivity, assay specificity, and test line consistency. Other physical properties of the membrane affect integration into finished test strips. Learn more in our guide, "Rapid Lateral Flow Test Strips - Considerations for Product Development", which provides a deep dive into the key aspects of lateral flow test strip design, particularly the materials used and their integration with reagents and manufacturing processes. Understanding these principles will help provide a framework for rapid lateral flow test development.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membrane Speeds

The speed at which a sample material moves along a membrane strip is linked to the capillary flow rate of the membrane. Moreover, there is a direct correlation between the speed and sensitivity of the membrane. Understanding these requirements will enable you to select the appropriate membrane for your application. For example, you can use fast-flowing Hi-Flow™ Plus 75 membranes for tests where speed is critical, sample is plentiful, and sensitivity is not a concern. Slow-flowing Hi-Flow™ Plus 180 membranes can be used for tests where speed is less important, sample is limited, or high sensitivity is needed.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membrane Speeds

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membrane Formats

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membrane Formats for Lateral Flow Assays

Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes are available in several formats, from sample sheets and slit rolls for evaluation purposes to bulk master rolls slit to desired widths for manufacturing purposes. These membranes are also offered with different backing options depending on individual assay requirements. Preassembled membrane cards are also offered, providing an efficient and convenient choice for manufacturers by eliminating the need to manually assemble cards for development or production of rapid diagnostic kits and tests.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Variety Sample Sheet Packs

Convenient sample packs offer a variety of sheets from the Hi-Flow™ Plus membrane portfolio. Ideal for membrane selection and evaluation purposes during the early phase of a lateral flow test development project.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Sample Sheet Packs

Hi-Flow™ Plus Sample Sheet Packs

Sample packs containing five sheets of Hi-Flow™ Plus membrane. Ideal for early phase lateral flow test development.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Sample Slit Rolls for Lateral Flow Assays

Hi-Flow™ Plus Sample Slit Rolls

Individual sample slit rolls of Hi-Flow™ Plus membrane. These rolls are useful in the latter stages of lateral flow test development once test design has been established and scale-up trials and process optimization are to be commenced.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membrane Master Rolls for Lateral Flow Assay Manufacturing

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membranes for Manufacturing

Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes for manufacturing scale purposes are now available to purchase online in convenient pack formats.

20mm wide Hi-Flow™ Plus slit rolls in a variety of capillary flow speeds and 2 backing options are offered in packs of 14.

25mm wide Hi-Flow™ Plus slit rolls in a variety of capillary flow speeds and 2 backing options are offered in packs of 11.

Available to ship immediately, get the same superior consistency and high-performance membrane, quickly and without the wait.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membranes for Manufacturing

Standard (20mm & 25mm) and customized slit widths of Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes are also available to order offline as master rolls. Each master roll is 30.5 cm wide and 100 m in length. For ease of use, master rolls are cut into multiple ready-to-use slit rolls at the desired width prior to delivery. The number of slit rolls received per master roll order is tied to the required width of the slit roll. As an example, an order for 1 master roll with a required slit width of 18mm will yield 16 slit rolls.

Please contact your local account manager or our customer service team to obtain a catalog number for your membrane and slit width of choice.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membranes for Manufacturing - Slit Roll Widths

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membrane Cards for lateral flow assays

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membrane Cards

Hi-Flow™ Plus membrane cards provide an easy-to-use subassembly so you don’t have to allocate time and resources assembling cards, thereby reducing and simplifying your manufacturing design process and production. Utilizing our quality Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes, these cards are assembled in a highly precise manner to deliver consistent performance in your test.

Hi-Flow™ Plus membrane card dimensions

Standard Hi-Flow™ Plus membrane card dimensions
Note: custom membrane card dimensions are also possible.

SureWick® Pad Materials for Lateral Flow Assays

SureWick® Pad Materials are used in lateral flow assays as sample, absorbent, and conjugate pads. The 100% pure cellulose fiber sample and absorbent pads have no binders or glues to interfere with assay performance. Glass fiber conjugate pads have low extractables and excellent consistency.

These products are available in a variety of dimensions and formats (sheets, strips, and rolls) to fit your unique application. We carry common sizes in inventory and can customize these products to meet the dimensional requirements of your device and manufacturing process.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membranes and SureWick® Conjugate, Sample, and Absorbent Pads provide a complete solution for your lateral flow assays.

Lateral Flow Assay Development Services

Get fast, expert support on your IVD assay development when you need it. Discover our Assay Development Services for fast-access expert guidance and global lab support for your LFA development or optimization at any stage.

Our new Assay Development Services has:

  • dedicated, fully equipped state-of-the-art labs
  • globally-distributed labs and personnel for fast regional response
  • personnel specifically trained to support any part of LFA development
  • broad, comprehensive knowledge of assay optimization
  • a long history of developing & manufacturing many of the raw materials and key components used in IVDs today

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