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Concentration Filters

Whether you need to concentrate proteins, viruses, or other biomolecules in biological, environmental, or clinical samples, we have the ideal tool for you. Select from a variety of filter materials with a broad range of molecular weight cut-offs offered in sterile and non-sterile options for small to large volume sample preparation. From centrifugal devices to static concentrators to stirred cells, our concentration filter products offer high recovery and rapid processing for consistent, reliable performance.

Amicon<sup>®</sup> Centrifugals
Amicon® Centrifugals

Concentrate your protein, don’t lose it. Recover protein reliably when you concentrate with Amicon® Ultra filters. 

Centrifugal Filters
Centrifugal Filters

Filtration devices can be used to concentrate small to large volume biological and environmental samples in preparation for downstream processing and analysis.

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