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Cell Culture & Cryogenics

The quality of the consumables that you select to handle routine but critical lab tasks, run plate-based assays, or store your samples will always contribute to the integrity of your data. Our complete range of cell culture supplies includes serological pipets, cell spreaders, and lifters, plus culture, shaker, bioreactor, and spinner flasks, culture plates and inserts, and dishes. Premier quality Millicell® plates, inserts, chamber slides, and multilayer culture flasks are designed for exceptionally efficient, biorelevant cell culture. To safeguard precious reagents and samples at low temperatures, we’ve got your cryogenic handling needs covered with freezer racks, vials and tubes, cryolabeling solutions, and forceps from the most trusted manufacturers in the life sciences, designed for both research and clinical use.

Cell Culture Supplies
Cell Culture Supplies

An extensive collection of cell culture supplies including serological pipets, cell spreaders and lifters, flasks for adherent and suspension cultures, shaker flasks, bioreactor flasks, spinner flasks, culture plates, cell culture inserts, petri dishes, and culture dishes.

Millicell<sup>®</sup> Cell Culture Inserts & Plates
Millicell® Cell Culture Inserts & Plates

Millicell®  cell culture inserts and plates, chamber slides, and multilayer cell culture flasks are engineered for efficient cell culture, in vivo-like cell growth, and biologically relevant results. Choose hanging or standing inserts for your culture application.

Cryo Storage
Cryo Storage

We offer a wide range of cryo supplies including freezer racks, tubes & vials, labels & markers, and forceps for research and clinical applications from the most reliable names in the industry.

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