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Labware Partners

We are proud to partner with well-known companies to bring you the highest quality labware. Our labware partners include the Brand®, Corning®, Cytiva™, and Eppendorf® product portfolios. Explore these product portfolios to find the right product for your labware needs.

Brand<sup>&reg;</sup> Products
Brand® Products

Brand® GmbH and BrandTech® glassware and plasticware, lab storage solutions, bottle-top dispensers, pipettes and pipette tips, cuvettes, and cell culture and PCR consumables for laboratories.

Corning<sup>&reg;</sup> Products & Labware
Corning® Products & Labware

Corning® brand glass and plastic labware, filtration membranes, cell culture supplies, and equipment for life sciences.

Cytiva™ Products
Cytiva™ Products

Cytiva™ products for drug discovery research and therapeutics bioprocess manufacturing including Whatman® lab filtration products, Amersham™ chromatography columns and resins, tissue culture reagents, and products for protein sample preparation, blotting, and analysis.

Eppendorf<sup>&reg;</sup> Products
Eppendorf® Products

Eppendorf® brand conical and microfuge tubes, pipettes and pipette tips, dispensers, centrifuges, microtiter plates, mixers, spectrometers, and PCR equipment for laboratories.

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