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Microscope Slides & Chambers

Light and electron microscopic analysis of biological samples requires consistent reagents and supplies to help ensure that the cells and tissues analyzed have limited processing and viewing artifacts. We carry a broad selection of microscopy reagents, slides & cover glasses, tools, and glassware for the research and clinical lab from Corning®, BRAND®, PELCO®, and other reliable brands. We also offer a wide selection of Grace Bio-Labs' microarray technologies including ONCYTE® AVID™, NOVA™ and SuperNOVA™ microporous nitrocellulose-coated slides, and Coverwell™ & Culturewell™ incubation chambers among others.

Microscope slide cover glasses

Proper cover glass size and thickness is necessary for optimal slide viewing conditions. Choose from our wide range of cover glasses based on shape, size and thickness.

Microscope slides

Our complete portfolio of microscopic slides available in various sizes and color codes offer consistency and high optical clarity. We have a full range of sizes with different options including plain, frosted, twin frosted, colored, rounded edged, ground edged, cut edged, and cavity slides for use in your clinical laboratory or research applications. Our selection also includes microscope slide grids and a wide sliding latch slide storage boxes to support your analyses and organize your material.

Staining glassware

We offer a wide range of staining glassware for your specific cell or tissue staining needs, from small well cavity slides to staining troughs and trays that enable convenient and even staining. For larger volume staining, we also offer a full range of Wheaton Coplin staining jars in sizes from 5 to 50 slide racks with covers.

Microscopy tools for efficiency and comfort

Precise and reliable tools can greatly improve the efficiency of microscopic work. We offer a variety of fine tweezers and forceps in different materials and shapes to manipulate samples and coverslips, along with PAP pens for immunostaining slides. The portfolio also includes slide spinners with 110V and 230V inputs to enable fast drying. Our slide boxes and slide mailers are designed in various sizes enable secure storage and shipping of the slides. For those long sessions at the slide bench, we even offer silicone lab mats of assorted colors to cushion your feet.

Microarray surfaces

We offer a choice of optimized surfaces for creating microarrays such as Corning® Epoxide, UltraGAPS™, and GAPS™ II coated slides as well as the Grace Bio-Labs ONCYTE® AVID™, NOVA™, and SuperNOVA™ microporous nitrocellulose-coated slides for antigen or antibody binding, cell or tissue lysate binding, glycoprotein, and peptide binding assays. The Grace Bio-Labs ProPlate® Multi–Array Slide System integrates microscope array technology with automated microtiter plate processing. Individual modules fit into a tray with a standard microtiter plate footprint.

Electron microscopy supplies

We provide the essential supplies and tools required for scanning or transmission electron microscopy. Our collection includes embedding molds for samples, glass strips for making thin or thick section knives, and the specimen mounts for key instruments. We offer a range of copper, nickel, and gold grids, grid markers, and grid storage boxes essential for transmission electron microscopy. Our Carestream® electron microscopy films are designed to produce high quality EM photomicrographs.

Imaging & Perfusion Chambers

Grace Bio-Labs imaging spacers are ideally suited for cell and tissue staining, high-resolution microscopy, immunohistochemistry, and live-cell time-lapse applications. Brands such as CoverWell ™ imaging chambers are designed to stabilize and support thick and free-floating specimens for confocal microscopy and imaging applications. MultiSlip™ and SecureSlip™ coverslip chambers give you security that your sample will remain isolated during your cell culture, immunofluorescence, or staining application.

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